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Product Description:

WZZ-2S Automatic Polarimeter
It adopts the principle of photoelectricity automatic balancing to carry on automatic measuring and measured value is digital displayed.
Using the most advanced digital circuit and microcomputer control technology

  • Photoelectric test and microcomputer control
  • Measuring optical rotation and sugar degree 
  • Storage of three times results
  • Calculation of average values
  • Measurement of dark-colored sample
  • RS232 Interface
  • LCD Display

Technical Specifications:
Measurement range: -45°~+45°,
Accuracy:  ± (0.01° + measuring value ´ 0.05%)
Minimum indicating value: 0.001
Repeatability: sample transmittance>1% £ 0.002°
Display: LCD
Monochromatic Light Source (Sodium Lamp): 589.44nm
Length of Test Tube (100mm and 200mm): 1 each
Weight (Gross): 36kg
Overall Dimensions: 730´450´370mm
Optional Accessories: Micro test tube (50mm)